Getting your Vietnam visa

As far as been known, almost visitors go to a foreign country must show a valid visa before being accepted to enter this country. And of course, Vietnam is no exception. You can either request a Vietnam visa from Vietnam Embassy or Consulate near your location, or a trusted travel agency offering this visa service online.

how to process vietnam visa

In comparison with other countries, Vietnam visa procedure is quite different; the rules for visa on arrival can be called semi-on arrival and the costs for visa issued by embassy or consulate are different as well. Before deciding to apply visa at embassy or visa on arrival, kindly double-check the information to get the latest.

How to apply Vietnam visa at the Embassy

Normally it takes you 2 times to go to the Embassy to get Vietnam visa. As stated clearly above, you should contact the embassy to get the update; however, you should prepare these documents before hand:

  • Your original passport – valid for six months, plus a copy
  • Two recent 4 x 6 cm photos
  • The guarantee letter if you go to Vietnam without a tourism purpose
  • Processing fee in cash
  • Prepaid return envelope if you want the visa to be returned by mail. Without this document, you have to go to Vietnam Embassy again to get visa stamped in your passport

How to apply Vietnam visa on arrival

It might be said that visa on arrival is the most rapid way to get Vietnam visa. It is a legal document issued by Vietnam Immigration Department which allows foreigners stay in Vietnam in the specific period. You just need to find the reliable online visa service provider and provide them the information as follows

  • Your full name as in passport
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Nationality
  • Passport ID

And then they will support you to get the approval letter. Bringing it along to Vietnam airport, you can get visa stamped there.

Getting enough information before your trip will make you far away any unexpected trouble, so kindly prepare visa carefully to go to Vietnam.